Walk-in Frames

3 panel frames

3-panel Frame $130

5 panel frames

5-panel Frame $195

frame extender kit

Frame Extender Kit $80

Our engineers are so clever. They've created a frame that's designed for expandability. The Extender Kit includes additional poles and parts, allowing you to convert a 3-panel frame into a 5-panel frame. Smart!

Frame Specifications

Frames are made of durable plastic poles and can be assembled without using tools. VELCRO® Brand Fasteners make it easy to attach and detach backdrops.

  • • Easy assembly (download instructions)
  • • No tools required
  • • Lightweight
  • • 7 ft. or 14 ft. wide
  • • 5 ft. tall with feet
  • • PVC-free
  • • Accordion-folds
  • • Durable construction
frame specs

Important Message

The poles and connector joints are identical for both frame sizes. So, if you purchase a 5-panel frame, you can use fewer pieces and build a 3-panel frame.

Suggestion: If you're considering purchasing both 3-panel and 5-panel Storybook backdrop themes, it would be less expensive for you to purchase a 5-panel frame up front. You'll save $15 over purchasing a 3-panel frame plus extender kit. Or, if you would like to use both sizes on a regular basis and leave them set up, then purchase both a 3-panel and a 5-panel frame.

Previous 3-panel Purchasers: If you would like to add 5-panel Storybook backdrop themes later, you can purchase an extender kit (with extra poles and connector joints) to create a 5-panel frame.