K.I.W.i. STORYBOOKS — a new concept in children's picture books

Discover an innovative way of incorporating active learning into your classroom. K.I.W.i. STORYBOOKS™ (Kids Interactive Walk-in Storybooks) are beautifully illustrated and carefully researched backdrop environments, sized perfectly for ages 4-10.
Artist Roxie Munro, famous for her “Inside ~ Outside” picture books, uses her delightful artistic talent to create an ingenious concept in books, where kids become part of the story.



  Each Storybook contains 3 components —
Walk in Storybooks

Kid-sized backdrop

5-foot-tall Backdrop

Kid-sized walk-in backdrops set the stage for activities designed  to entertain, teach, and engage children for hours. Panels are flexible, durable, and have two- sided scenes for double the fun.

Interactive App

Interactive App

Each theme has an interactive
app by OCG Studios for iPad™ or Android™ devices. The app is loaded with fun games, sounds to play (and make!), creative movie-making, and lots of cool facts to fascinate kids.




Playwright Douglas Love has created a unique Reader's Theater Plus! curriculum for each Storybook. It encourages kids to role-play, read, and creatively think their way through standards-based lessons.


Kiwi Storybooks Video

Watch Storybooks Video

Available in a broad range of subjects, our Storybooks will captivate kids with a visual, interactive, and fun learning experience.

See our 5-panel and 3-panel themes.


KIWi Storybooks are also available

in a desktop fold-out version

KIWi Jr  

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