3-Panel Storybooks

Discover an innovative way of incorporating active learning into your classroom. K.I.W.i. STORYBOOKS™ (Kids Interactive Walk-in Storybooks) are beautifully illustrated and carefully researched backdrop environments, sized perfectly for kids in grades Pre-K thru 5.
Artist Roxie Munro, famous for her “Inside ~ Outside” picture books, uses her delightful artistic talent to create an ingenious concept in books, where kids become part of the story.

Reader's Theater Plus! curriculum by playwright Douglas Love accompanies each theme and encourages kids to role-play, read,
and creatively think their way through standards-based lessons in
core academic subjects.

In addition, each theme includes a custom app by OCG Studios.
Kids place markers on a backdrop, scan with an iPad and answer questions, solve puzzles, watch videos and make movies as they interact within each scene.

K.I.W.i. STORYBOOKS™ are available on a broad range of
subjects and will captivate kids with a visual, interactive and
fun learning experience.

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5-Panel Storybooks

Each Storybook package includes two-sided backdrop, app, and Reader's Theater standards- based curriculum Storybooks app and reader's theater content

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