OCEAN Curriculum: A Closer Look

Ocean Curriculum


This humorous investigation into marine biology and underwater technology inspires students to ask questions about environmental sciences, oceanography, climatology and shoreline processes.


In You Know What, Jack Soufflé arrives on his research ship to learn that his crew has been unable to collect any plant specimens from a coral reef because their nets and equipment cannot reach deep enough. He opts to use a submersible to explore the deep reef even though the last time he was in his submarine, he encountered a frightening sea monster with twelve tentacles, six sets of eyes, fins, gills, three tails, a hard shell with claws and a giant mouth. Meanwhile under the water, a diverse group of friends, Seahorse, Dolphin, Stingray, Shark, Squid and Starfish play a lively game of tag until they come face to face with a dangerous creature of their own.

Teacher Guide

· Background
· Director/Educator Preparation
· Casting Notes
· Performers
· Working with your Set
· Program
· Integrating Curriculum
· Fun Facts

Two Act Play

Script for 15 actors
The setting is the deck and lab of the research ship during the day. The research students have been on board for a few days. They are all busy working at their experiments and chores.

Short Skit

Script for 3-4 actors
The setting is the bottom of the sea. The sea creatures are swimming around the coral playing a game of tag. Because they are underwater, the actors should move through the space in slow motion to help create the illusion of water. . .

Creative Play Ideas

4 Scenarios for Imaginative Play
Scenario #1: There are several schools of fish around the coral reef. Select one for you and your fellow actors to pretend to be. . .

Lesson #1

Vocabulary Strategy - Word Tree
Subject(s): Reading, Vocabulary

Lesson #2

Sink or Float – Make a Sub to Explore the Concept of Density
Subject: Science
National Standards:
NS.K-4.1 Science as Inquiry
NS.K-4.2 Physical Science
NS.K-4.3 Life Science
NS.K-4.5 Science and Technology
NL.ENG.K-12.7 Evaluating Data

Lesson #3

What I Saw - Exploring Point of View
Subject(s): Reading/Writing
National Standards:
NL.ENG.K-12.3 Evaluation Strategies
NL.ENG.K-12.6 Applying Knowledge
NL.ENG.K-12.7 Evaluating Data
NL.ENG.K-12.12 Applying Language Skills

Lesson #4

Be an Aquatic Explorer – Mapping the World’s Coral Reefs
Subject(s): Geography, Reading and Writing
National Standards:
NS.4.1 Properties and functions of geographic representations
NS.4.4 The interpretation of geographic representations

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