OCEAN Walk-in Package $295

Ocean Stage Set


The 5-foot tall x 14-foot wide stage set includes two scenes: Coral Reef + Research Ship. The realistic backdrop makes it easy for kids to imagine they’re exploring ocean life in their own sub.

Ocean Curriculum


Play, skit, and lessons explore marine biology and underwater technology, environmental sciences, climatology, and oceanography. Pssst. . . watch for an unexpected twist in the play's storyline.

Ocean App


The interactive app is loaded with content about underwater habitats, types of fish, common duties performed on a research ship, salinity, SCUBA, and sonar. Lots of details - lots of fun!

Ocean Stage Set
Coral Reef + Research Ship

About the Stage Set

The 5-piece stage set is a 5-foot tall x 14-foot wide backdrop that attaches to an adjustable frame (sold separately). Each two-sided scene, constructed of flexible canvas-like panels, are easy to roll up and store in a tube. The lightweight frame is very simple to position in almost any configuration and then folds away neatly when not in use.

• PVC-free panels (2 half-panels and 3 full panels)

• Durable material - tear resistant

• Two scenes per stage set (printed on two sides)

• Panels attach with VELCRO Brand® Fasteners

• Easy to assemble

• Panels roll up/store in accompanying tube

9 Storybook themes in all

Frame sold separately

Ocean panels

Ocean Curriculum

Two-Act Play

"You Know What" is a humorous investigation into marine biology and underwater technology inspires students to ask questions about environmental sciences, oceanography, climatology, and shoreline processes.



The skit is a shorter version of the two-act play and requires only 4 actors. This option is perfect for smaller classes or for occasions when time is limited.

Word Tree


Four separate lessons cover vocabulary, reading, science, geography, and writing. National Standards include NS.K-4.1 Science as Inquiry, NS.K-4.3 Life Science, and NL.ENG.K-12.7 Evaluating Data.

Teacher Guide

Teacher Introduction

Includes all you need to direct a play: Background Information, Director/Educator Preparation, Casting Notes, Selecting Performers, Working with Your Set, Program Suggestions, Integrating Curriculum, and Fun Facts.

Ocean App

The app is used in conjunction with the panoramic OCEAN stage set and inspires kids to discover the deep blue sea. Classrooms equipped with tablets enable students to place barcode labels on each backdrop, scan them, and engage with:

  • • Videos
  • • Sound Clips
  • • Movie Making
  • • Puzzles
  • • Search & Find
  • • Explore & Learn

*While the app content provides additional instruction, it is NOT required for use of the stage set backdrop or curriculum.