Curriculum Content

Created exclusively for Walk-in Storybooks

Two-act Play

The two-act play is designed to provide a wide range of opportunities for learning, using creativity and imagination as a doorway to core academics. Every play is custom written to accompany each backdrop scene.


Teachers with pre-readers can easily use the skit to read aloud and select students to get up and act out the scene as they listen to the storyline. This can also be done with the full-length play by taking a few pages at a time on consecutive days.

Core Lessons

Lessons are complete with adaptations for younger and older learners. Easy-to-use Teacher's Guide provides everything you need to incorporate core lessons into your school day – including correlations to National Standards and Blooms Taxonomy.

Creative Play

Students will enjoy the chance to improvise in the background environment using the Creative Play guides provided. Four scenarios are outlined for students to play, pretend, and act out different storylines.

It's More than Reader's Theater!

We've taken the liberty to shake up traditional Reader's Theater by getting kids up and out of their seats to role play, read, perform, and collaborate.

With the addition of original plays, skits, group activities, and standards-based lessons written by celebrated playwright and education innovator Douglas Love, STORYBOOKS offer a clever combination of education and entertainment that delights kids and teachers alike!

Our PLAYful curriculum offers a content-rich experience for kids of all learning styles where even the most reluctant readers are eager to participate. Each package is custom designed to complement all 9 STORYBOOK themes.

Curriculum Covers

Two-act Play Synopses


"If You Knew Susie" investigates biology and climate differences and encourages students to ask questions about environmental sciences, geography, and zoology. It's a story about the many different creatures that live in desert and in the rainforest. (see all curriculum)


Poppy is given a map and is assigned the task of following his favorite food. "Follow That Food" is a light-hearted exploration of farms, food processing and markets that will inspires students to ask questions and learn about the foods we eat every day. (see all curriculum)


"Jack B. Nimble & the Risky Residence" is a zany classroom comedy in which our favorite nursery rhyme characters demonstrate the guidelines for fire safety. Jack and Jill help Mary recognize fire and burn hazards in her home. (see all curriculum)


"You Know What" is a humorous investigation into marine biology and underwater technology which inspires students to ask questions about environmental sciences, oceanography, climatology and shoreline processes. (see all curriculum)


"Dinosaur Sleepover" is a comic investigation into dinosaurs and their environment and inspires students to use their imaginations as a jumping off point for inquiry. (see all curriculum)

TV Studio

The local news team covers our hero as he intervenes during a bullying incident. In "The Super Jimmy Show" participants interview witnesses and investigate the causes of bullying; exploring various strategies and solutions for conflict resolution. (see all curriculum)


Problems arise for Queen Lily in "To Tell the Truth" when she is suddenly faced with having to say what she really thinks in a kingdom full of zany and sometimes nonsensical nursery rhyme and fairy tale characters. (see all curriculum)


"Two Tales – One Moon" explores the oral tradition of tall tales in the American West. Two families, a cowboy family and a Native American family, share fantastic stories around the campfire. (see all curriculum)


"The Untrue Adventures of Major Tom" is a lively exploration of science and space that will inspire students to ask questions about outer space, space flight, foreign languages, and international cooperation. (see all curriculum)