Walk-in Storybook Themes

The 5-ft. tall, two-sided backdrops set the stage for interactive learning. The intricate scenes are beautifully illustrated and carefully researched by Roxie Munro, famous for her “Inside ~ Outside” picture books. Roxie is the author/illustrator of more than 40 nonfiction and concept books for children, many using "gamification" to encourage reading, learning, and engagement.

walk-in storybook themes
Roxie Munro illustrator

About the Art

Roxie's first step in creating the art for K.I.W.i. STORYBOOKS was to carefully consider which themes to illustrate from a world of possibilities. Once the 9 themes were determined, she diligently researched each topic so that the scenes were accurate and realistic yet would spark a child’s imagination. The art had to appeal to children.

In fact, during Roxie's school visits, children have asked, "How do you make them [the illustrations] so beautiful?" Roxie says that is the point. "Children understand, appreciate, and deserve decent art. We should not "talk down" to them. We should not give them generic, simple, or computerized "visuals," usually full of bright colors, just because they are children. Young people recognize and deserve to be exposed to quality, carefully-executed art."

3-panel Themes: 5 ft. tall x 7 ft. wide

5-panel Themes: 5 ft. tall x 14 ft. wide