K.I.W.i. STORYBOOKS Introduction

Walk in Storybooks

Walk-in Storybooks

The 5-foot tall gigantic backdrops are available in 9 themes and are bundled with standards-based curriculum and app (See all Storybook themes)

Walk-in Frames

Walk-in Frames

Frames are required for the Walk-in Storybook panels. They are lightweight, easy to assemble, and accordion-fold for easy storage. (More . . )

Our Inspiration

It all began with a child's wish to have kid-sized books where they could become the character. This wish is now a reality!! K.I.W.i. STORYBOOKS™ (Kid's Interactive Walk-in Storybooks) will inspire imaginative role-play and storytelling for hours of creative fun. "I'm bored" is sure to become a phrase of the past.

Children's cognitive, social, and literacy skills improve dramatically with pretend play. A wide variety of themes are offered whereby kids can improvise, problem-solve and act out their own story or become a character in one of our two-act plays.

We provide the settings and kids provide the stories. What child doesn't like to dress-up, be a hero, or tell a funny tale? Our storybooks offer life-size fun with limitless endings.

Imaginative Play

Watch a video and learn more

Now presenting "books so big you can walk inside them!" Video shows Storybooks set-up and themes that will inspire kids to imagine they are a . . .

• Palentologist searching for fossils

• Reporter with late-breaking news

• Princess living in a castle

• Cowboy scouting the range

• Astronaut floating above the earth

• Entomologist discovering new species

• Farmer feeding his livestock

• Diver exploring the ocean depths

• Fireman racing to a fire