Integrated Apps

Included with all STORYBOOKS

Each app is cleverly paired with a visually stimulating panoramic stage set, inspiring kids to discover the wide world around them. Use this combo as a launching pad to implement critical thinking skills, communication, collaboration and creativity into the curriculum.

The interactive app was developed by OCG Studios for iPad™ or Android™ devices. Students place barcode labels (included in package) on each backdrop, scan them with a tablet and engage in a variety of activities. We invite you to watch the 30 second video for a quick glimpse of the apps.

App Activities

App table of contents

Scan & Begin

Place barcode labels on backdrop to scan and engage in fun activities.

search and find

Search & Find

Create teams and play a match game. The first to find all images wins.

make noise

Make Noise

Listen to sounds that are often found in the environment, or create your own.



Explore and learn about your theme by answering multiple choice questions.

solve puzzles

Solve Puzzles

Solve a jigsaw puzzle - it’s a miniature version of the backdrop!

film movies

Film Movies

Create your own movie and make yourself the star.